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About Jennifer


I am a wife, a mother of three boys, and I love food. My favorite pastime is having a glass of wine with friends and share some tasty dishes.  I could spend hours doing that.  That pretty much sums up who I am.

 My blog is so I can log my passion. It is also my outlet after a long day of work and being a mom. When you have a fulltime career to pay the bills and a fulltime job raising boys, you need to carve out some time for your sanity. I do that by cooking for my friends and family and by trying new and exotic foods.

 I’m Italian and Filipino. With this combination, you should know, there is always too much to eat when you come over for dinner and that I take great pleasure when you truly enjoy my cooking.

I was born in Washington state but moved around a lot because my dad was in the Navy.   Being a Navy brat gave me a taste of seeing the world.  I've been to a handful of countries and lived in Japan for a while.  Hence my love for exotic food and Japanese cuisine tops the list.

After moving around, I grew my roots in Orange County California.  Here, I put my self through college for business and marketing.  My Bachelor's degree helped me grow with a local newspaper, OC Weekly.  I became the Publisher of OC Weekly and was with them for over 14 years.  The paper is where I was able to tap into my love for food.  I met so many restauranteurs and amazing chefs.  We hosted tasting events where 20 to 30 local restaurants would showcase their food.  And we were always invited to restaurant openings and other food events in the area.

Being a part of the paper spoiled me.  I ate extremely well and entertained liked a rockstar.  Now with 3 young boys, it's hard to get out.  I love my crazy house with kids running around.  They keep me busy but I now have the time to create and experiment in the kitchen.  I still get out and see the amazing friends that I have met over the years and explore new restaurants.

For my fulltime job, I now have joined forces with my husband.  We own a small digital agency with 25 employees.  At Ink Refuge, we build websites, graphic design, email marketing, SEO, and social media marketing for our clients.  We help all sorts of industries, but because of my background, we cater to the restaurant industry.  With all of these great resources at my fingertips, I decided to publish my love for food.  FoodisWhatIdo.com was born.

 I hope you enjoy my journey and relationship with food.