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Oxtail Lentils

My friend would always take my leftover Leg of Lamb and make a wonderful pot of lentils. Everyone would be full from dinner, but the smell from the lentils would make you want to eat a second dinner. I often make lentil, but it's just not the same unless you add that extra layer with the meat.

Unfortunately, I only make a leg of lamb a couple times a year.  In my home, it’s on the same lines as a Thanksgiving turkey.  We only break this dish out for special occasions.  And in return, we only get this super yummy lentil dish a few times a year as well.

There had to be another way to enjoy this dish.  And then it hit me, why not substitute oxtail for the lamb?

Don’t be afraid of oxtail.  I will admit, Oxtail isn’t the best-looking meat on the menu.  Back in the day it came from the tail of an ox, but now it’s mostly from cattle.  It makes a rich bone broth, but it's perfect when it’s braised in sauce.  So why not slow cook it in lentils?

I’m not sure if I like my lentils better using the leg of lamb or oxtail.  But I can tell you, I will eat it more often with oxtail.  The leg of lamb has to be bone in, and I’m just not going to buy lamb that often.  I can buy a pack of oxtail any given week from my local grocery store. 

You can decide for yourself.  My leg of lamb recipe will have to come in a later post.