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The New Taco Kid

Thank you, New Taco Kid for being a part of the OC Weekly, Viva Los Tacos event.  I would have never heard of you, found you or tasted your amazing taco.  Please Taco kid, call me, email me or IM me.  I need to help spread the word about your mouth watering taco.  I had to look you up after the event, and I find nothing.  If your other menu items are as good as your Confit Pork Belly taco, then you are worth the time and energy to hunt you down.
The New Taco Kid's booth was in the middle of a dozen other taco booths.  How does one stand out amongst the rest?  You make your taco with pork belly, you top it with green apple salad and you serve it with chipotle honey crema.  That is exactly how you stand out at a taco tasting event.  This was the one taco worth going back for seconds.
If you're in San Bernardino, California, look them up.  Try their Confit Pork Belly Taco.  You will dream about these tacos for days.