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Ceviche, brought to you by Tackle Box

Tackle Box in Orange County has one of the best Albacore sashimi, sorry Ceviche dishes that I have eaten.   If you are in the area, stop in and order the Seared Albacore “Ceviche” dish.  I'm sure they will know what you want if you ask for the sashimi.  It doesn't look like a traditional Ceviche.  But who cares, call it what you want.  Just eat it, it's wonderful.

This dish is made with slices of sashimi grade Albacore.  It's dressed with an Oro Blanco and Ponzu sauce and served over a bed of seaweed salad.  If that doesn't already sound perfect, it's topped with thin slices of jalapenos and crispy garlic chips.

I always like a little heat in my food.  But sometimes I get a jalapeno that is a little much for me.  I found the jalapenos in this dish were perfectly balanced with the citrus from the Oro Blanco (a sweet seedless citrus hybrid fruit similar to grapefruit).  If heat isn't your thing, pick out the few jalapenos and enjoy.  

Don't be surprised if you are enjoying the salad as much as you did the fish.  I made the mistake of ordering this dish as a shared appetizer and not as my main dish.  Once the fish was all gone, we were fighting over the bits of seaweed salad that was left behind.  The Oro Blanco and Ponzu sauce dressed the salad and could be a dish on its own.

Tackle Box has two locations in Orange County.  One in Corona Del Mar and a new location in the SOCO and The OC Mix Mall in Costa Mesa.  They do have items that are only served at one or the other location.  Luckily, the Ceviche is available at both locations.

3029 Ocean Blvd
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
Inside the OC Mix Mall
3321 Hyland Ave, Ste E
Costa Mesa, CA 92626